About us

Have it Organic Tea is the product that is truly organic and is more nature based with great taste and aroma. It comes with great package and ideal to follow it in every morning and evening routine. Draining tea is a pure experience and adds to the joy in life. It is necessary to understand the difference between conventional tea and organic tea. Organic tea uses no chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, fungicide or even chemical fertilizers. Have It Organic Tea is processed after it is harvested. Our farmers use natural process to create organic tea and make it herbal and wellness green tea. We create level of environment and body friendly nature of categories. Our product has better package and it stands apart that makes it best from many other products that are flooding the market these days. Our Have it organic tea is the closest to the nature and it adds with the organic processes and adds to the best raw materials.

Have it Organic Tea Components:

Have it Organic Tea combines with best of the leaves, fruits, herbs, spices and it certainly adds to the flavor. The combination of the components is what makes our teas very much organic and in demand as well.

Tea Leaves: Have It Organic Tea procures the best of organic tea from around the world.

Ingredients: We source the finest organic tea that makes it with freshest organic ingredients. We search the best of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs to make the best of organic tea.


Flavor: Have it Organic tea has the natural flavor and it adds to health benefits. It is better suited for the tea connoisseurs and is better for the environment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create best of the tea with great packaging.

Our Values

Our values are based on environment friendly aspects and we make truly rich products.