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Online Have it Organic Sensational Strawberry Iced Tea

Have It Organic Sensational Strawberry Iced tea. One of the easiest way to cool down and feel more from the lifestyle and health benefits. The tea has always made us feel enrich and with “Have it” coming up with some cool blend of tea and fruit flavours it makes compulsory way to get the refined product. To enjoy best of the taste just buy the strawberry tea and make some cool drinks for the great evening. The tea can be enjoyed with authentic add-ons like mint and make great drinks. We blend the perfect art of art and tradition of tea making with use of scientific methods and modern technologies. We manage international standards with the tea production along with sustaining the rich flavours which makes the most part of tea.

How to make Have it Organic Sensational strawberry Iced tea?

The best and the enriching base to create a sensational strawberry green tea is to mix it with green tea. You can use the tea sachets or even the loose one’s to create the organic sensational strawberry Iced tea. You can brew it to the right temperature and boil it within the given time. Once the tea is made allow it to cool down to the room temperatures and put to refrigerate. Just make the ice tea when it is still warm and also melt the ice in it. It gives the perfect room temperature with the drink and the tea is also cool to make the strawberry that makes it a simple syrup. It further adds with the delicious taste and is very simple to make it.

Ingredient to make Have it Organic Sensational strawberry Iced tea:

  • Get thawed 2 cups of frozen strawberries
  • ½ cup of Sugar
  • ½ Cup of lemon juice
  • Some leaves of fresh mint and frozen strawberries to give a great look to the strawberry tea.

It takes 15 minutes to prepare it.

The recipe comes as cool drink.

It is to serve only 7 people.

You will get 7 cups of beautifully brewed Have it Organic online sensational strawberry Iced tea.

Instructions to make:

Make a puree of thawed strawberries in blender.

Strain the strawberry puree to remove the seeds with ease.

Mix together with sugar, tea, lemon juices, strawberry pure.

Chill it before serving.

To serve, stir well and garnish with frozen strawberries and fresh mint.  

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