Have It Organic Himalayan Stevia Green Tea

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“Have It” Organic Himalayan Stevia Green tea is a sugar free healthy drink. Stevia Green tea is a sweet tulsi or natural sweetener without any calorie and is enjoyed by many diabetics. Stevia is a blend of organic green tea and helps with perfect healing cleanse which is not use for weight loss but adds more with proper nutrition. It has antioxidants effects that slows with regular ageing and also cleanses much of the skin impurities. Green tea has antioxidants effects that adds to slower ageing and also cleanses with skin impurities.

Stevia tea is healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners

Stevia slightly lowers the blood pressure and also helps with increasing the body’s immunity system. Stevia leaves contain immense amount of non-toxic, non-calorie molecules. It provides with more than 30 times of sweetening power of sugar. Stevia leaves contain carbohydrates, proteins, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium and other minerals along with vitamins C and A. Have it Organic Himalayan Stevia Green tea is healthy alternative to use artificial sweeteners or sugar. The tea can be brewed multiple times and also increase the water temperature with re-steeping. It can be enjoy either hot or cold.

Brewing guide of Have it Organic Himalayan Stevia Green tea:

  • Keep the water temperature up to 75-80 Degree Celsius.
  • It prepares dosage of 3-4 grams of tea.
  • The amount of water is to be 150-200 ml.
  • Do re-steeping up to 4-6 times.
  • The steeping time can be 2,3, 4 and 5 minutes.

Method of preparing Have It Organic Himalayan Stevia Green tea:

Always use freshly boiled water cooled down with proper temperature. It use suitable tea ware and also cover the teapot or teacup when it is brewing. Now, preheat the teapot. You can add sugar or lemon to your tea and is perfect as anytime drink.

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  1. Shivam Sharma

    The best taste and aroma you ll acome across… I can easily close my eyes to trust the product.. the brand definitely delivers the promise.. the aroma itself is so refreshing that u want to have every last sip of it

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