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Organic Kahwa Detox Masala Green tea is a wholesome tea that gives powerful detox in tea bag. It comes with goodness of green tea and has bountiful spaces. It adds to herbs and rock salt. The tea is base on age old traditional wellness recipe with wholesome detox. The tea includes black pepper, ginger, cinnamon and clove which gives healthy digestion and further builds immunity. The spices are known for the congestion relieving properties and also treats, fights common cold and flu. It serves with making you feel easy during the cold weather by adding warmth.

Organic Kahwa Detox Masala Green tea adds with amber liquor and it adds to aroma of spices. It comes with effective blends as green tea that comes with benefits of Have it Organic green tea. It adds as full of antioxidants and has original flavour and aroma. It has natural ingredients and has best of herbal extracts. The tea comes as finest quality tea and has whole leaf teas that adds to maximum health benefits.

Some of the benefits of Organic Kahwa Detox Masala Green tea:

It detox and purify and comes with desi blend of darjeeling green tea. It has 8 Indian spices and has herbs that gives a tasty methods to lose weight. It has powers of Kashmiri kawaha and has huge organic ingredients.

The tea aids to digestion and is a proven remedy to cough and cold. It contains Himalayan Pink Salt, tulsi and black pepper. It helps in improving stomach function and also helps with healthy throat.

It has well blend of aroma and taste of fresh and pure green tea. Organic Kahwa Detox Masala green tea contains organic flavor and rich taste with no artificial flavor or addition of aromatic oil.

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