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Organic Kashmiri Kahwa Green tea is a dark amber tea that comes with an aroma of spices. The tea comes with natural flavors and gives you a warm feeling with effective blends of green tea. It has additional blend of green tea with ginger, black pepper, tulsi, asafoetida, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, rock salt, nutmeg and citric acid. Organic Kashmiri Kahwa Green tea works in most effective manner that tantalize your taste bud with rich and spicy taste. It also helps you to lose weight, detox and get slim in the most natural manner. Many of the yoga gurus and people who practice naturopathy suggest the tea for their clients.

Blends of Organic Kashmiri Kahwa Green tea:

Organic Kashmiri Kahwa Green tea comes as blend of mix. It has ingredients as black pepper, premium green tea, tulsi, clove, asafoetida. It has clove, cinnamon, clove, rock salt and cinnamon. It comes with huge benefits as the tea is full of antioxidants. It has original flavor and aroma in it. The tea is with one of the finest quality tea. It comes as  whole leaf teas only. It scores with maximum health benefits.

Advantages of Organic Kashmiri Kahwa Green tea:

  • It detox your body naturally with age old Indian remedy.
  • It is a herbal tea that adds taste with spicy-salt and enriches with its warmth.
  • It contains real Indian spices that has herbs with no hidden flavors inside that makes it a healthy tea.
  • It is staple free, with good food grade and comes with fine mesh of pyramid teabags that can be made as huge number of cups.

The Organic Kashmiri Kahwa Green tea is inspired by ancient kahwa drink. It has rare and exotic herbs with spices that are chosen and mix together to add natural flavors.

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