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Have It Organic Pure Chamomile Flower Green tea gives you a soothing cup of sunshine with unique blend of organic green tea leaves with chamomile flowers. Once if two classical soothing tea are combined it gives a new blend of exceptional tea. It adds to a pure calming character and with high quality dry chamomile flowers and organic green tea leaves it makes a strong and fresh green tea base. The tea is strong and soothing with chamomile aroma and thus satisfies both green tea and chamomile tea connoisseurs. The warm and cozy feeling of the tea gives you an enjoyment that lingers for long and you grab your cup immediately.

Brewing guide of Organic Pure Chamomile Flower Green tea:

Get the water boil at a temperature up to 75-80 Degree Celsius. Get the dosage of 5 grams of tea. Add 150-200 ml of water. Do the re-stepping upto 3-4 times. The steeping time is up to 90, 120, 180 and 240 seconds. It adds to a flavor which is pure and has strong aromatic with chamomile flavor. It comes as deep fresh green tea that emerges from the bottom layers which is deep and smooth.

Method to enjoy the best of Organic Pure Chamomile flower green tea:

Use the freshly boiled water that is cooled down to the proper temperature. It use suitable tea ware and also covers the teapot or teacup while brewing. Once you discover the delicate subtleness of each tea feel free to experiment with time, dosage and temperature once you get accustomed to tea. If the temperature is higher then use large amounts of leaves. Use longer steeping time that results in stronger tea with more astringency. Also, add sugar, lemon, honey to the tea and enjoy it to the fullest.

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2 reviews for Have It Organic Pure Chamomile Flower Green Tea

  1. Anuj

    One of the best brand brand for chamomile tea which I have tasted.

  2. Anuj

    Taste good, experience was good. What else do we want

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